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Pat Cresswell's Books
My published works so far consist of two books that are / will be part of a series featuring the same characters and short stories that target a particular theme.
The Daneland Trilogy
The first of three planned novels in this series, Daneland's Back, is out on Kindle now. Anthony Daneland leads a team that is a secret even in the UK Secret Service! In Daneland's Back his team is brought back from 'gardening leave' to help the UK defeat a threat from Mandelavria, a newly formed country between The Ukraine and Moldova. But is all what it seems?
The Daneland Trilogy is an adult themed satirical adventure series that is not intended to be serious - but does have some sharper moments. Follow this link for more on the series.
Seaton Carew Series
Seaton Carew is the son of rock god 'Dune', the now dead lead guitarist of Jurassic Era and the porn star 'Fiamma!' Not a great start you may think! He is now mid twenties and learning to enjoy the wealth left to him by his father. He likes the good life, travel, and as his father also left him the fabled 'Dune' magnetic charm, ladies. However his quest for adventure often gets him in deeper than he intended. And his father's deeds come back to haunt him as well. Seaton Carew in 'Over the Hills and Far Away' is the first novel in the series. The second novel 'No Big Deal' is in final edit. Follow this link for more on the series.
The Chicken Sheds
Ever wondered about evolution? Why we like sex? Life on Mars? And which came first, the chicken or the egg? Well this fun short story answers all that, and more, in just 4600 words. 'It's a quick, light and amusing read' There is a long preview on this site on this link .
When there is no word from home, what will happen? LoL is a weave of fact and fiction that will make you look at the calendar with a different view. What is LoL and what can it do? Find out in this chilling short story!
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