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Daneland Trilogy
1. Daneland's Back
2. Daneland's Front
3. Daneland's Side
Anthony Daneland leads a team that is a secret in the UK Secret Service!

His team goes where the UK cannot be seen to be!
Daneland's Back

The UK fears terrorist activity connected with a newly formed country - Mandelavria in Eastern Europe. With no diplomatic relationships Daneland's team is activated to go find what is happening.

With a 1000 a night escort, a city playboy and a brummie in the team, the investigation takes them to Paris and Mandelavria as they hunt the connection to bombs in the UK.

But is everything all that it seems?
Daneland's Front

Spain is falling apart as the austerity measures really bite. With the mainland in turmoil a hedonist led faction seizes Tenerife to create a brave, new, adult world.

With so many British people impacted the UK dispatches Daneland's team to find out what's happening and then prepare for British forces to lead an international force to reinstate the rule of law.

But will it work?
Daneland's Side

Daneland's activities loose him all support within the UK heirarchy. They are after his blood - or worse!

Can he out manoevre them just to survive and take his pension?
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Anthony Daneland
Hawney McBabe
Richard Gozard
John Calder
Andrew Martin
Sarah Yo