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Sometimes an echo from the past can be deafening ... or is a prelude of the future?
LoL. What does it stand for?
A weave of fact and fiction with a chilling conclusion. Is it real? Who would know? Just 6,500 words that will make you look at the calendar differently.
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Extract from 'LoL' by Pat Cresswell
20 August 2014
The hatches opened again and the pods were deployed. Once again a flood of data poured into the IAMs. They searched and sifted through the flow, looking at different frequencies, trying to match the raw data against patterns stored in their memories. Just as had happened on the previous days they concluded the situation was one sided. And mother still had not called them and their angel sent no song either.

August 1990
Antonov and Riad were making the final preparations for their computer complex to be shipped to Sevmash. A final important decision was needed. A date. A date well into the future. Antonov provided the year. It came from his reading of the works of Nostradamus, 2014.
Riad suggested the day. 26th August, their most recent sponsor's, Gennady Yanayev, birthday.

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