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The Chicken Sheds
The short story that definitively answers the chicken and egg question! Get the truth about the universe, evolution, and why Neanderthals died out all in 4,600 words. Find out what happened at the demonstrations for an Alpha class carnivore!
As 'The Chicken Sheds' is a short story, the Amazon provided preview stops before the story starts! So on this page is a short extract and a pdf download that gets you into the story! £0.77, $0.99 or 0.90 euros on Kindle.
Extract from 'The Chicken Sheds' by Pat Cresswell
"So the Western One had issued a tender for a Class Alpha carnivore, something big and mean. There was to be a demonstration. There was us, CCC, and small start up specialist manufacturer, can't even remember their name now. Doesn't matter. Anyway we all had our creatures there. We took the prototype T-rex. It really did look mean. Presentations had been done then we were to move onto the demos. They had brought in some brontosaures for the prototype alpha's to eat. So CCC were to go first. Minutes passed and nothing appeared. The Western One started to get impatient, a lot of finger tapping on the desk. Finally the head Sales for CCC came back in looking horrified. 'Sorry your One, but we can't demonstrate our creature.' "What! Why the hell not?" roared the Western One. 'Well, er, er,' stumbled the CCC Sales. "Well er what?" roared Western, grumpy sod at the best of times. "Well er the Megacorp creature ate it,' was the murmured reply. 'And the other demo creature as well.' 'Well that's the one I'll buy,' says Western. So that was it. We built all these T-rex sheds."
I hope you enjoy reading! If you do please get in touch or leave comments on Amazon!

Well worth a read!, 29 Jan 2013
By Ignite
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This review is from: The Chicken Sheds (Kindle Edition)
This funny short story caught my attention because I keep a few chickens in the garden. It takes us to the 'place' where evolution is managed. We meet the team who designed some of the creatures in our world (and, I gather, others). It's a quick, light and amusing read. Anyone who's worked as part of a team will recognise some of the situations. Well worth a read.