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A trip to Mexico goes a little wrong
A trip to see the volcanoes of Sicily
Recounting a colleagues experiences in Singapore!  A little saucy
A story about the moving map on planes
Life and times in Poland after communism
A trip to St Martin
Tales from Taxi journeys around the world
A business trip to New York gets hit by a blizzard
Personal experience of falling ill on holiday
A little story about Tobago, turtles and more
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Short Stories
Sometimes an idea for a story will not run to a novel. Rather than loose it I usually write into a short story. Most go little further so rather than leave them to gather virtual dust I've put them on here so you can read if you wish. All are in pdf format so you should be able to read them on your PC, tablet, or smart phone. Please respect my copyright. If you want to use them on your site, in a paper or e publication then contact me - in most cases a credit is all that will be asked for.
Other stories have gone further and links to those can be found on the left. Please follow the links for extracts, previews or hopefully to buy them. Most are only in Kindle format. Most have not had the expensive attention of my editor!!
I hope you enjoy reading the stories. If you like any of them please email me with a short review / recommendation, Thanks
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